Can you engrave my photo with colour?

No. Our crystals are engraved, and therefore colour cannot be added into the crystal.

Do you check for spelling mistakes in the text?

Our team try their best to spot spelling mistakes in the text you have provided us, and will get in contact with you to amend it when we do. However we cannot be held responsible for any spelling, grammar or word order mistakes made whilst the order was placed; therefore we cannot replace or refund crystals with these issues. Please check over your text before submitting it to ensure that it is exactly how you want to receive it.

What is the difference 2D and 3D?

The difference between 2D and 3D images is depth.
The photo you send to us will be in 2D. It’s classified as 2 dimensional as it has 2 axis’ therefore it doesn’t have any depth. We take your photo and convert it to 3D using special software, which means we add a third dimension which adds depth and texture.

See our how it’s done section.

Which image can I use?

Most images will work brilliantly, however, on the rare occasion where there may be issues with the quality of the engraving, we'll get into contact with you to discuss it. All you have to do is upload your image, and we'll take care of the rest.

We would prefer to do any editing required for the images ourselves, as we have a talented in-house team who can make the appropriate adjustments, which includes; Adjusting colour balance, removing the background from photos (Unless a feature enhances the image), converting the image into 3D, choosing the best orientation to suit the size and shape of the crystal, as well as adding any personalised text to your crystal.

Which way around will my picture be?

We will choose the orientation to better fill your crystal, unless you have specified otherwise. Generally, if the picture is portrait or landscape it will be engraved accordingly.

Marketing Material

From time to time we may use examples and photos of your crystal for marketing purposes. If you would rather we did not do this then please request this in the additional information box on the ordering page.

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