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Running On Empty is the first comic of the Defection Graphic Novel series, produced by ThunderVaults Ltd. This campaign aims to fund the printing of the 24 print page, fully coloured comic in a limited edition run.

The Defection series follows the journey of a dysfunctional, multiracial humanitarian group as they venture out into the dangerous unknowns of space to resettle the refugees of their home planet, Keleressa.

In Running On Empty, Captain Kennedy Karter must reconnect with his past as a soldier to save their mission, and, in doing so, recalls violent memories which threaten to plunge him into irretrievable guilt.

This marks the start of what could be an endless series of adventures for all of us, and with the second comic written, and the third in plot development, we can tell you it somehow gets even more intense!

Live updates of our progress can be tracked via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and the ThunderVaults website, as well as on this page. 

Our talented artist, JP de la Rama, has done a fantastic job of capturing the atmosphere we were after. This dark and war torn sci-fi has been brought to life by his illustrations. JP will soon be starting the artwork for Defection #2: Misdirection.

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Risks and challenges

The risks are minimal. The book is fully written and the artwork will be 100% complete before the campaign ends and ready to go to print. All rewards will go into production as soon as the funds are available.
I hope to be able to fulfill all rewards within 4-7 weeks after the completion of a successful campaign.

If there are any unforeseen problems, I will be transparent and upfront about it, while keeping all backers updated as I solve them.

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