Personalise your own special memory forever inside a beautiful 3D Crystal Face photo.
We engrave your favourite picture of your special wedding, birthday, graduation or lost loved…..any memory you want, helping you to appreciate that special time forever.
If your personalised crystal face photo is given as a present to that special person you will definitely have the wow factor everyone looks for.
They’ve been known to bring tears of joy to whoever receives them.
What do we actually do?

Once you have uploaded your photo, we start to make it into a 3D object.
We take out all of the unwanted, unnecessary background, ensuring the integrity of the photo isn’t compromised.
Once we have isolated the main features of the crystal e.g. deleted the background or unnecessary surroundings the magic happens. We then build the remaining features e.g. face out of the page using new-fangled technology and it becomes that magical 3D object ready for engraving.
Once we have made this 3D it is placed into the laser engraving machine and dependent upon the size it will take between 15 min to 2hrs to engrave.
We then take that 3D image and engrave it into Crystal……..
We still get excited at checking the final piece, so look forward checking the resultant 3D Crystal Face photo engraving and post it to you free of charge once it is perfect.
Image Editing

For example, if the milkman is picking his nose in the background of your favourite wedding photo he will be deleted into oblivion. If a random person happens to have walked into the best birthday photo we will remove them.
If the favourite photo of your children has little Sammy' being a grumpy guts but you have him full of beans and happy on another photo, don’t worry, we can replace grumpy guts and place the full of beans Sammy to make that picture even more special.
It is entirely up to you to decide and we will cater for anything you require, if you like the milkman, we’ll happily keep him for you, however, we can’t be held responsible for the results of that love triangle!

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